Who is it for?

Urban designers 

& town planners

The HCG can be used to assess and improve an urban plan at city or neighbourhood scale, helping the planner understand the urban determinants they would need to address to improve environmental, physical, and mental health.

Health professionals 

& policy makers

The HCG is the only interactive planning tool with an entry point for health professionals, who can model and understand the urban planning interventions required to meet their health goals, encouraging collaboration with planning departments.

Decision makers 

The HCG makes it simple and to see and compare the effect of planning actions on citizen health, helping decision makers communicate their vision for the future with impact and prioritise the right actions.

Citizens & residents

The easy-to-understand outputs of the HCG tool and thorough explanations make it an ideal tool to be used in workshops with local residents, guiding citizen involvement in the planning process.

Local government departments

With urban determinants spanning housing, greening, transport and more, the HCG is a useful tool for bringing different government departments together and facilitating collaborative working. 

Innovation & development projects

Do you have an innovative project designed to improve the urban landscape? The HCG can be used to assess the impact of nature-based solutions, active mobility interventions, and greening initiatives on citizen health.